Social eMotions

In the two-year Social eMotions-project we explore emotional interaction in a social context from the scientific and artistic viewpoints. During 2016 we have created a performance piece that is grounded on the artistic and scientific research of the project. The piece has a strong live-music element and will be reworked through audience interaction every time it's performed.


Re-Touch consists of a duet, two solos and a duet and can be recreated and performed with a group of two to five performers. The final duet has choreographed movement material and the first three parts have an emotional choreography that acts as a structure for the creation of the movement material in collaboration with each new set of performers. The length of the piece is 45 minutes. Ideal creation time is fifteen full days.

Huge thanks to Finnish Culture Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation and Studio Zoomi.

... of shadows

We've had an ongoing discussion to do something again with Kenny Inglis of Cinephile ever since we worked on The Daily Bread, a piece I choreographed and Kenny composed, for Scottish Ballet choreographic workshops back in 2008. Kenny thought that Phoenix Rising had my name written all over it. I couldn't agree more. The video you see here is a short clip from a performance on the roof of Oulu City Theatre in August 2014.